Tiki Pop History

America’s love of the tropics dates back a long way. Easily to the early 1900s has many made their way to the Florida Keys and started staking a claim in the Caribbean. Over time we pursued paradise in even more distant locations such as the South Seas. We even went as far as to make up our own culture… Tiki Pop Culture. Originally the Tiki represented a craze that started during the World War II era and up through about a decade past the time Hawaii officially became the 50th state in the United States. From Bing Crosby to Elvis to Trader Vic our movies, music, clothing, decor, food and cocktails reflected Americans’ fascination with the South Seas. Meanwhile a surfing craze was growing across the Pacific from Hawaii and finding it’s way to the California coast. On the other side of the world a decades-long love affair began in and around the Caribbean as Americans became fascinated by Cuba, the Florida Keys and the Bahamas as the likes of Ernest Hemingway to Jimmy Buffett captured our imaginations with tales from the tropics. America’s love of the tropics has never ended. Today more than ever we pursue all of these things as we seek a finer living or just a means to temporarily escape. At The Tiki Bar Is Open.com, we pursue and bring to you all things tropical… a tropical melting pot. Ultimately, our goal is to simply build an online community… Island Nation. A place where people from around the world can come to relax, escape and enjoy life through our stories, cultural history lessons, recipes, cocktails, music, podcasts, blogs and our online marketplace. Achieve your island lifestyle!


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