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Another tiki bar tradition for the holidays.

Rum is a quintessential ingredient of island food and celebration. For this recipe, the ingredients are simple, they are easy to make and full of flavor. They are sure to fill your holidays with cheer and each bite will feel like an island escape. Best of all, they require no baking! Read more…


Living the simple island lifestyle means you enjoy the occasional cocktail or a glass of wine. It means you enjoy a great meal with friends and family and you enjoy spending time with them.

It means you enjoy the simple things in life and don’t need much else.

Around the holidays, this mentality is more important than ever. The holidays easily become “the season of stuff”. We get tied up in commercialism and forget about the most simple yet most important things in life.

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It’s one of the oldest cooking methods in the world… somewhat tribal, actually.

Dig a hole in the ground (a pit), light a fire, add some meat (usually a large mammal), cover it and let it cook. Read more…