When we’re on island time, it’s easy to relax and enjoy life. We look forward to waking up in the morning. We embrace the day and we feel satisfied and at peace when we go to bed at night.

When we’re not on island time, we tend to be on a work schedule 24/7. Read more…

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Another tiki bar tradition for the holidays.

Rum is a quintessential ingredient of island food and celebration. For this recipe, the ingredients are simple, they are easy to make and full of flavor. They are sure to fill your holidays with cheer and each bite will feel like an island escape. Best of all, they require no baking! Read more…

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This is a great, simple virgin recipe you can enjoy with your family. It is an especially great way to bring a little taste of the islands to your Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Cranberry Juice
Orange Juice (pulp free)
Ginger Ale
Rainbow Sherbet

Pour some cranberry juice into two ice cube trays and freeze.

Once ice cubes are done, combine even amounts of orange juice and ginger ale in punch bowl. Add in the cranberry ice cubes and top off with several scoops of sherbet to taste.



Living the simple island lifestyle means you enjoy the occasional cocktail or a glass of wine. It means you enjoy a great meal with friends and family and you enjoy spending time with them.

It means you enjoy the simple things in life and don’t need much else.

Around the holidays, this mentality is more important than ever. The holidays easily become “the season of stuff”. We get tied up in commercialism and forget about the most simple yet most important things in life.

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It’s one of the oldest cooking methods in the world… somewhat tribal, actually.

Dig a hole in the ground (a pit), light a fire, add some meat (usually a large mammal), cover it and let it cook. Read more…

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Tiki mugs are ceramic drink ware originating in mid-century American tiki bars and tropical themed restaurants. As with many of the great cocktails of the era, they are believed to have been originated and inspired by Don the Beachcomber.

Most tiki mugs resemble the typical tiki statue, but many have gotten much more creative. Read more…

Ultra Lounge is an ultra cool range of musical styles that encompasses exotica, easy listening, and space age pop as well as swing. These styles of music grew in popularity and evolved in the 1920’s through the 1960s. The same time frame that gave birth to the great Tiki Pop era.

Ultra Lounge is an essential component of Tiki Pop culture and offers a perfect soundtrack for anyone seeking the simple island lifestyle.

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The quest for a simple island lifestyle means making your life better by making your life more simple. It does not mean simplifying your life to the point of doing nothing… it just means simplifying your life enough so you can enjoy it and live life like you’re on vacation. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again… the simple island lifestyle is more of a frame of mind than it is anything else.

If you were on an an island, what are the basic things you’d find yourself doing each day?

Whatever comes to mind, chances are that (in real life) you probably don’t do them because you find you are too tired or stressed from work and other things in life. Unfortunately, that means you’ve let the wrong lifestyle win.

Take control and create your own paradise instead. Read more…

For the cocktails and recipes mentioned on TheTikiBarIsOpen.com, I’ll often say, “accept no substitutes”.

Well, here’s a case where a substitute is actually better. Instead of sugar or simple syrup, use agave syrup. Yes… agave. The stuff tequila comes from.

Not only does it taste better… you use less. It has fewer calories, is better for you, saves you time and has a long shelf life.

This is especially true with Margaritas and Mojitos, but you can substitute it for anything that calls for sugar. Just be sure to use 1/2 to no more than 3/4 the amount of sugar called for in your concoction.

Get some. Use it often. Enjoy!

Wine barrel floors. I don’t need to say much more than that.

A beautiful concept. A beautiful look. A beautiful thing.

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