“Thank God the tiki bar is open
Come on in and open up your mind” – John Hiatt

About The Tiki Bar Is Open.com

I’m Tiki John, your host and bartender.

If you’re reading this, chances are you like the same things I do and you’re seeking the same simple island lifestyle that I seek.

This site is about all of the things I do to achieve a simple island lifestyle. I’ve done pretty well so far and you can too. You don’t need to live on an island or even in a tropical location. The island lifestyle is more about a state of mind and about living a simple lifestyle.

At TheTikiBarIsOpen, I serve more than just cocktails. I blog about things I actually do to achieve island lifestyle. I write about history and culture that’s behind music I listen to, cocktails I make and food I cook. You’ll find videos, podcasts, recipes and even an Island Marketplace. I’ll share with you my work habits, family habits and my achievements in my pursuit of my own simple island lifestyle.

So, welcome! The Tiki Bar is Open!


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