In general, I prefer to my cocktails shaken… not stirred. However, every once in awhile, it is quite acceptable (necessary even) to use a blender.

Here’s a cool fact about the coolest blender to ever exist – the Waring Blendor:

The Waring Blendor is named after Fredrick Malcolm Waring, a popular musician, bandleader and radio-television personality in the 1930s. With his financial backing, this first modern electric blender was created. The blender itself was invented by Frederick Jacob Osius who went to Waring in regards to his invention which he had patented. With $25,000 in backing, the “Miracle Mixer” was introduced. It retailed for $29.75 in 1937.

Within a year, Fred Waring renamed his Miracle Mixer Corporation to the Waring Products Corporation, and the mixer’s name was changed to the Waring Blendor (changing the “e” in blender to an “o” to create a slight distinction for his already unique product).

Before the Waring Blendor became a staple in restaurants, tiki bars and the homes of cocktail connoisseurs, it was an important tool for hospitals as it was used to make foods for special diets (the birth of the smoothie, actually). It was also used as a scientific device and was used to develop the polio vaccine.

In 1954, the millionth Waring Blendor was sold, and it is very still popular today. As a matter of fact, it is my blender of choice. It is of excellent quality, a great value and I love the retro, atomic age styling. You can purchase your own Waring Blendor in the Island Marketplace as well as music from Fred Waring.

Fredick Waring was born in June 9, 1900 and passed on July 29, 1984. Waring Products is now part of Conair.

I am quite lucky to own one of the original early cocktail books included with Waring Blendors back in 1947. Below is a scan of the actual cover. In future posts, I will share the classic concoctions included in this vintage cocktail book.


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