Living the simple island lifestyle means you enjoy the occasional cocktail or a glass of wine. It means you enjoy a great meal with friends and family and you enjoy spending time with them.

It means you enjoy the simple things in life and don’t need much else.

Around the holidays, this mentality is more important than ever. The holidays easily become “the season of stuff”. We get tied up in commercialism and forget about the most simple yet most important things in life.

Each year we say we will cut back, but we don’t. We get tied up in how much to spend and how many gifts to buy. Before we know it, we’re just buying a bunch of stuff just to fill these imaginary quotas. True thought, simplicity and enjoyment soon disappear and the true meaning and spirit of the holidays is lost in stress and commotion.

The truth is… the best part of the holidays is the cocktails, the great food and being with family. It’s not about the stuff.

A gift or two is fine, especially for the young ones, but make sure they are meaningful.

Don’t go for quantity or a certain amount to spend. Think of one great thing that will show you listen and know someone. Something that will really count.

At the end of the day, its about what you do together… not what things you buy or what things you open. The things you pursue as part of a simple island lifestyle and the things you should pursue for holiday happiness are the same:

Simplicity, love and togetherness.


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