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Tiki mugs are ceramic drink ware originating in mid-century American tiki bars and tropical themed restaurants. As with many of the great cocktails of the era, they are believed to have been originated and inspired by Don the Beachcomber.

Most tiki mugs resemble the typical tiki statue, but many have gotten much more creative.

Especially in recent times a tiki-pop has seen a resurgence, there are mugs sculpted in many it her forms as well such as wahines, The Pink Panther, tropical images and even custom characters.

Although tiki mugs originated as a marketing tool, they soon also became a craft phase in the 1960s. Many people made their own tiki mugs. Today, these are all collectors items, especially originals from Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s. As the vintage mugs became so popular in the 90s as collectables, many began to appreciate their art form. It was at that time, a time of tiki revival, that an artist named Bosko started creating new, original designs that also became sought after. Shortly after that, a father-son team formed Munktiki and started crafting tiki mugs for the masses to buy.

The range of tiki mug designs has evolved into a very diverse set of categories. Some of the most popular are the Bucket Mug, Coconut Mug, Decanter, Wahine Mug, Moai Mug, Pineapple Mug, Pirate Mug, Rum Barrel, Scorpion Bowl, Skull Mug, Monkey Mug, Surfer Mug, Tiki Mug and Volcano Bowl.

In addition to Munktiki, you can acquire great tiki mugs from Tiki Farm or right here at The Tiki Bar Is’s Island Marketplace.


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