The quest for a simple island lifestyle means making your life better by making your life more simple. It does not mean simplifying your life to the point of doing nothing… it just means simplifying your life enough so you can enjoy it and live life like you’re on vacation. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again… the simple island lifestyle is more of a frame of mind than it is anything else.

If you were on an an island, what are the basic things you’d find yourself doing each day?

Whatever comes to mind, chances are that (in real life) you probably don’t do them because you find you are too tired or stressed from work and other things in life. Unfortunately, that means you’ve let the wrong lifestyle win.

Take control and create your own paradise instead. Below is a list of things from the Tiki Bar to get you started. It is very important to try to do these things each day. If you for some reason you don’t, that’s OK… there’s always the another day. It’s the mindset and intent that’s most important.

Ultimately, your goal should be to enjoy your family and always act in a way that they enjoy you and you enjoy them. Make them feel special. Develop healthy habits so you feel good and live long. Get rid of habits and things that make you feel tired, unmotivated or unsocial.


Start your days off with energy. Be productive and to look forward to things. Make everything memorable and don’t let life just pass by.

This is the mindset of someone who lives a simple island lifestyle:

1) Develop a good wakeup routine – Get up at by 6am. Do some pushups and some sit-ups. Step outside to enjoy the weather. Take a quick shower – don’t waste water or your time. If you’re up before everyone else… now is the time the that using the computer is ok. Ingest some media -today’s version of reading the paper. Educate yourself and stimulate your thinking.

2) Create something and be productive. Decide on just 3 “important” tasks to accomplish in the day and even start working on them, but only spend 30 minutes at a time on each! Don’t make a big list that’s impossible to conquer. Keep it simple.

3) Kiss and hug the family then cook your own breakfast and eat together. It’s healthier, cheaper and more fun. It helps set the right pace for the day. If you have pets, feed them now so they eat when you eat.

4) Brush and floss.

5) Do some chores. Like I said, it’s not about doing nothing. Doing nothing makes a person feel lousy. Doing nothing means things build up and that leads to stress. Do something and feel accomplished so you can clear your mind and enjoy what’s next.

6) Do chores that create a relaxing environment for the rest of the day or the rest of the evening. This could include sorting mail, sweeping the floor or doing the dishes. Don’t spend more than 30 minutes at a time doing them.

Doing chores together with family is even better.

7) Play. Get outside. Walk the dog, go for a bike ride or play a game.

8) Cook your own meals (this includes feeding your pets if you have any). Enjoy ONE glass of wine with dinner.

9) Relax. Watch TV, talk, play a game or do arts&crafts. 10) Try to stay off the computer. This should be done early in the mornings unless there is important work to do towards MITs or life goals (in which case time should be limited to 30 minutes and should replace TV time. Keep it to 30 minutes!

11) Drink lots of water.

12) If you have kids, get them bathed by 8 and be in bed by 9.

13) Go to bed early. 10 at the latest. Brush/floss and wash first.

14) Read in bed. Lights out by 11.

15) Snuggle in bed.

Enjoy. Relax. Escape.

Make every day a great day.


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