If you live in the right place, you can drive, bike or maybe even walk to a nearby island. If you have enough money, you can travel to one. You may even already live on an island.

None of this means you live the simple island lifestyle.

To live the simple island lifestyle, you don’t have to live on or near an island and you do not have to have enough money to travel to one. You could live in the middle of nowhere.

That’s because it’s not where you are that matters… geographically anyways. It’s all about what you do, what you think and how you live.

It’s about simplicity. It’s about tranquility. It’s about enjoying life.

I’m happy with what I got… I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night – Dean Martin

You need to discover how to appreciate your life, your family and the world around you. Joy is not found in the things you own or the place you live.

My most recent escape was not on an island. I did not spend alot of money to get there and my escape actually began before I got to where I was going. It was my mindset that was important.

My destination was in the middle of the state of Florida for just three short days. I stayed in a remote cabin along the Withlacoochee River. I did simple things each day. With my family, we all got some exercise, did some reading, some playing and some doing nothing at all except talking (and for the adults… sipping a glass of wine). These simple things amplified how good we all felt.

It’s the simple things that make it easy to enjoy life, to relax and to escape.

If you do these things and make them at least a small part of each day, it does not matter where you are… you are on your way to living a simple island lifestyle.


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