This is now officially my favorite wine. It’s great in every way and is a great compliment to the lifestyle we pursue at The Tiki Bar Is Open.

It has a perfect name, a perfect story and a perfect philosophy:

Both surfers and winemakers reach the summit of their respective crafts when they attain an understanding of, and a respect for, the environment in which they work (and play). Adapting to their surroundings, they achieve peak performance, on the waves and in the vineyards. – Longboard Vineyards

It is an enticing wine from the first time you see the bottle. With a great name and a great label, the bottle is different than other wine bottles. The glass is thick, heavy and bold in shape. It’s corked with real cork that, once removed, reveals a deep ruby red at it’s base. With great spice, blackberry and oak aromas and flavors you’ll also find hints of licorice, cola and coffee.

Even before the first pour, I was hooked. After the first taste, my expectations were exceeded. I really wanted to like this wine and it didn’t let me down.

About the Vineyard

All things posted on The Tiki Bar have to have good stories, some history and some culture behind them. The Longboard Vineyards story certainly fits this mold. Their story is very simple, but very cool.

It all starts with a dude named Oded. Oded grew up on three different continents. Often being near a beach, he was in the water whenever possible. While in the Mediterranean he became one of the area’s first surfers.

Then he studied winemaking at UC Davis. How cool is that! He also worked harvests in Napa and in Bordeaux. Eventually he found Sonoma County was the best fit for his lifestyle.

The rest is history. We now have longboarders making great wine (actually, not everyone on the staff is a surfer, but they all add to the spirit, culture and quality of the vineyard in their own unique ways). It may seem like an odd combination to some, but it makes perfect sense to me. After you read this and give it a try, it will all make sense to you too.

About the Syrah

2005 Syrah – Russian River Valley Made 100% from Syrah, it won Best In Class at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair 2008. It is aged 18 months in French Oak. 1900 cases were made from an October 13 – October 21 2005 harvest.

Buy some. Try some. Get hooked.

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