“You’re caught up in the Internet. You think it’s such a great asset, but you’re wrong, wrong, wrong! All that fiber optic gear cannot take away the fear like an island song.” – Jimmy Buffett

This is a simple post with simple advice…. minimize the Internet.

Many will tell you to cut it off entirely, but that is a bit extreme in this modern world we live in. The Internet should be about simplicity and that is exactly what you want. Use it. Check email. Surf. But keep it controlled. Do these things once or twice a day and limit it to 20-25 minutes each time (known as the Pomodoro technique… a wonderful tool that I fully endorse and recommend). You can learn alot fast and get alot done fast with these tools so you should use them, but don’t let them consume your time. If you have people in your life that abuse these tools (like at work) and expect real-time response via email then use tools like Awayfind.com.

Otherwise, do your work. Be productive, have fun and relax.


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