SEVEN TIKI® Spiced Rum is a Fijian rum that stands out like no other. It goes beyond the typical spiced rum and adds several hints of natural, exotic flavors. It is a premium rum made from molasses of Polynesian sugar cane, sun baked Indonesian nutmeg, Madagascar vanilla beans, other exotic spices and virgin water drawn from deep beneath Fiji’s volcanic highlands.

Such a description may sound like a colorful sales pitch, but it’s not. These are just pure and simple facts and is what makes this rum a Tiki Bar Is Open favorite. This rum is smooth. You can taste the fresh sugar cane, Polynesian fruits, coffee and even hints of cherry and chocolate along with an aroma of vanilla. It is medium-bodied and well-rounded.

The story behind SEVEN TIKI® is rooted in the traditions and legends of adventure of the South Pacific. The same legends that inspired Tiki Pop Culture itself. In this case, the story is of Polynesian navigators. The Great Fleet. In search of land beyond their own, these navigators carved a different Tiki into the helm of seven different outrigger canoes. These Tikis represented seven skills and qualities needed to complete their journey across the sea. It is said that SEVEN TIKI® is crafted in honor of these seven legendary Tiki Gods and the navigators of The Great Fleet.

This is not your typical mass-produced rum. Because it uses only the finest ingredients SEVEN TIKI® has drawn much praise in a short period of time. A Gold Medal winner, you will find SEVEN TIKI® only in the finest locations, mostly in California and Florida.

Use SEVEN TIKI® anytime a Tiki Bar Is Open recipe calls for dark or spiced rum. Or just have it on ice.


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