If you kept checking in since Part I of this post you probably noticed I kept things simple like I said I would. While on vacation for nearly a week, I greatly minimized my use of gadgets and technology. I went entirely without my laptop and avoided TV. I stuck with the simple stuff: an iPod, a digital camera, and my iPhone.

The purpose of my vacation was to get away. To relax and spend time with my family so it was important I used these things strictly as “tools”. I used them only when they helped make something more simple or to capture something memorable. I never used them to fill my time or to just have something to do.

Most of my time was spent enjoying the outdoors. Sometimes playing, sometimes relaxing and sometimes just thinking. These were easy habits to get into. They were also good habits and are ones that should be held onto in everyday life.

So, I ended up posting to The Tiki Bar even less than I originally expected while I was away – a single post each morning of that day’s sunrise along with a brief caption. It’s all that was needed to say what I had to say. I did this from my iPhone and it took less than a minute each morning.

At various other times I’d use the iPhone to note some of my thoughts… thoughts on how I could apply my vacation mentality to everyday mentality and make more progress in achieving the simple island lifestyle. Otherwise it was the occasional phone call to coordinate what groceries to buy for dinner, but that was it.

My iPod provided great background music and my digital camera captured great pictures and video memories. Some good food, a good book, family and the outdoors provided everything else I needed.

Now vacation is over, but that doesn’t mean life has to go back to stress and complexity. Wether at work or at home, keep the following things in mind:

Days can go by quick of you let them. Don’t think too much about what you do. Don’t regret or second guess anything. Don’t worry and don’t delay what your gut tells you. Just do it.Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your family.Get up early and go to bed early. If you wake late you feel you’ve lost out. If you stay up late you dwell on what could have been then you get up late again the next day just to start a viscous cycle. A rut. Get up early and take control. Go to sleep early with content. You’ll be physically and mentally more healthy for it and it sets a good tone for those around you. Set an example.

Live the simple island lifestyle.

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