“You’re caught up in the Internet. You think it’s such a great asset. But you’re wrong, wrong, wrong! All that fiber-optic gear still cannot take away the fear like an island song.” – Jimmy Buffett

Gadgets and technology are funny. If you use them the right way, they can make your life more simple. If you use them the wrong way they can consume your life and waste your time.

Ever go on vacation and have enough fun stuff to do that you almost entirely (if not entirely) forget about using a computer, a television or your cell phone? Remember how easy it was and how good it felt?

That’s the simple island lifestyle.

Chances are though, you probably can’t remember the last time you had an experience like that. On your last vacation you probably brought your laptop, took calls on your cell phone and went to sleep watching TV.

I don’t think those are the best things for a vacation and maybe not even the best things for everyday life. While you’re t work… that’s one thing. While you’re on personal or family time… that’s another. I’m not saying it’s necessary to eliminate these things altogether. That would be unrealistic. We all live in a digital lifetime afterall… the “iLife”. What I am saying is… you need balance.

Don’t let those things consume your time. Let those things simplify your life so you can enjoy your “me” time and your family time as much as you possibly can.

I’ll be on vacation this week and I can guarantee I will not go to sleep watching TV, I will not be taking phone calls all day and I will not be checking email. I will be surfing (waves not the Internet), relaxing in the sun and having fun with my family. I’ll be sipping wine, reading a good book and walking on the beach.

In the past I would have brought my Macbook. Not for business reasons… but I’d use it for this and that and ultimately waste my time on things I didn’t need too. I’d share some pictures and send some emails to family, but the rest was a true waste of my vacation time. They were things I could have done later or not done at all.

This time I will not be bringing my laptop. I’ll have my iPhone and will use it minimally. I’ll use it to listen to music, maybe share something with family from time to time and to share things on The Tiki Bar Is Open (posting to the site from the iPhone is probably 5 times faster and easier than from a computer). I plan for things to be simple yet realistic for the world we live in. I’ll redefine “iLife” and make the “i” in iLife stand for “island” so, keep checking in to see how I do!


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