The Noa Noa is another great tribute to my favorite cocktail… the Mojito. The Noa Noa doesn’t go quite as far back as the Mojito… it is a Tiki Pop era drink obviously inspired by the great Cuban cocktail (you’ll notice how similar the ingredients are). As with many Polynesian drinks, the Noa Noa contains dark rum as opposed to the light rum in the Mojito. This is an obvious influence from Donn Beach as he loved to use Jamaican dark rum in his concoctions. It also used brown sugar instead of simple syrup (some traditional Mojito recipes call for the same). I’m not quite sure who invented this one, but it’s certainly a worthy mix!

Recipe 1 oz. fresh lime juice Tablespoon brown sugar Dash of Angostura Bitters 4-6 mint leaves 3 oz. Tommy Bahama Dark Rum

Preparation: Squeeze juice from 3 quarters of lime into tall glass. Throw in mint leaves and brown sugar. Muddle the sugar into the mint to release mint oil. Add remaining ingredients. Fill glass with ice cubes. Then top with club soda if desired. Shake with cocktail shaker and serve.


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