Great Sangria recipes are hard to come by. In general, they are held as secrets by Latin families and Latin restaurateurs. Various recipes have been handed down through the generations… a mix of fine wine, tropical fruits ad usually a little something extra to give it some kick. The fruits it can contain can be as simple as the juice from some lime wedges, but the better and more authentic Sangrias have a concoction of fruits. Sugar is generally added, and kicked up with liquors such as brandy, rum or triple sec. The mixture is then allowed to sit anywhere from a few hours to a weeks so the flavors can infuse and to allow time for the concoction to develop its personality.A Sangria is usually made from red wine as the name implies by describing its ruby-red color (“sangria” is derived from the Spanish word for blood – “sangre”). However, it can be made from white wine as well.The drink itself traces from Cuba and back to the European beginnings of Latin culture in Spain.There is no “best” sangria, but we are proud of the recipe we bring you. This recipe was shared with us by a Cuban friend, so we consider ourselves fortunate to be let in on a little secret and to share our secret with you. We hope you enjoy it!
1 bottle burgundy
1/2 bottle light rum
4 shots Cointreau
6 shots vodka
4 shots Grand Marnier
1 liter seltzer
1 pineapple, sliced
4 tart apples, Granny Smith, sliced
6 oranges, sliced
1 qt pineapple juice
1 qt orange juice
2 limes, sliced
sugar to taste
Slice fruit and place on bottom of large container/bucket (with attachable lid). Add juice. Add alcohol and sugar. Just before serving add ice and seltzer. Keep refrigerated and covered. Best when made a day or two in advance.

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